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Our Law firm stands apart from the rest. We represent government fraud whistleblowers in cases across the nation. With former U.S. Department of Justice trial attorneys, The Law Offices of Paul D. Scott has a reputation and standing as one of the most successful law firms in the country.

Whistleblower Programs

Government Fraud

False Claims
The False Claims Act provides for rewards and protection for whistleblowers with knowledge of fraud against the United States government.

Tax Fraud

IRS Whistleblower Program
The Internal Revenue Service whistleblower program offers mandatory rewards for qualifying information regarding large underpayments of tax, even if no fraud involved.

Financial Fraud

SEC, CFTC, & Anti-Money Laundering
The SEC and CFTC pay rewards to qualifying whistleblowers for information regarding violations of the Commodity Exchange Act and of the nation’s securities laws.

International Fraud

Government Corruption
The Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Rewards Program, pays rewards to qualified individuals who provide information leading to the restraint or seizure, forfeiture, or repatriation of “stolen assets,” linked to foreign government corruption.

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